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As melhores oportunidades estão aqui

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Orders are processed quickly. All you do is fill out our simple order form. You will be taken to a simple payment page to activate each of your URLs. That's it, your space will be reserved. You will receive an email confirming the order.


Thousands of potential customers or referrals see your ad (from multiple high-traffic sites). How to get your website or landing page on dozens of sites, to maximize your campaign's exposure. All at an incredible price.


1000 Free Credits
Up until 5 URL's
Less priority on Rotator


15000 Credits
Up until 10 URL's
More priority on Rotator
R$ 69,99/mês


30000 Credits
Up until 20 URL's
More priority on Rotator
R$ 129,99/mês


50000 Credits
Up until 30 URL's
More priority on Rotator
R$ 229,99/mês


100000 Credits
Maximum priority on Rotator
R$ 429,99/mês

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1. Your ad (s) must comply with the terms of the website (s) on which they are advertised.

2. These contents are strictly prohibited: Adult content, malicious code, frame-breakers, warez / illegal content. We reserve the right to instantly terminate any ad that we do not think is appropriate to display and the payment will not be refunded.

3. You can request a change of URL (s) once in a 24-hour period, but only if your package has more than 24 hours remaining until expiration.

4. Once your package is activated, it cannot be paused or stoppe.

5. We cannot guarantee or guarantee that you would receive any referrals or sales. We do not guarantee the total number and quality of traffic that we direct to your website. The amount and source of traffic offered can vary from day to day.

6. Return Policy: All payments are non-refundable, attempting to refund or charge back will lead to the termination of your ad.

7. Privacy Policy: To purchase a Rotator Oportunidades product from the Internet only and exclusively an email contact is required, no account must be opened. Your email address will be used solely and exclusively on the Internet Opportunities Rotator for the purpose of communicating about the product purchased. Internet Opportunities Rotator does not sell, exchange or transfer your email address to third parties.

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